• Miguel Abi-hassan

Without the word "Human," you can't have "Humanity."

Updated: Feb 12

Halifax Humane Society has always recognized that the passion behind our cause comes down to the people who believe in it. From our humble beginnings on Deland Rd, it has always been the fervor of a select group of people that pushes this organization forward. Today, we call these individuals volunteers, staff, and donors. A compelling argument could be made that a more appropriate moniker may be "the heart" of HHS. Though stories about our pets often dominate Sandy Paws, we dedicate the following pages to these individuals who ensure our mission's success. Without them, there would be an absence of cheerful stories to celebrate.

Throughout this issue, we hope to showcase a history of protecting animals for the last 83 years with the stories of those who honor our cause. We further celebrate the retirement of two people who dedicated their lives to Volusia County's animals. These individuals have a combined 57+ years of selfless service to HHS and have devoted themselves to making the world a safer place for animals. (A personal thank you to the two of you, your journey has been an inspiration to me and all those blessed to have the opportunity to work with you.) We showcase their journey as an example of the fulfillment that comes from a lifetime of service.

Our only regret in this issue is not having enough pages in our print edition of Sandy Paws to celebrate the thousands of individuals who dedicate themselves selflessly to our cause. Though they deserve every bit of it, we know these individuals don't show this level of passion for the recognition. They show up because they care.

During this election year, should you find yourself exhausted from polarizing subjects, we invite you to be surrounded by individuals who have goodness in their hearts and can all agree on the importance of what makes us Human. Volunteer, Donate, or Support, not just because it means the world to pets, but because it may mean the world to you.

Miguel Abi-hassan CEO

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