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Vendor Spotlight: Blackwood Premium Pet Food

For over 8 years, Halifax Humane Society has carried a sole line of premium pet food made right here in the United States. Blackwood Premium Pet food was carefully chosen among hundreds in the natural pet category—but there was one major difference—the quality. There has never been a recall in the history of the brand, and they are industry renowned as one of the best in the natural pet food industry and have won several awards. The line has something for every life stage in both cat and dog and is made from natural ingredients with the strictest of quality measures in place. Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Lee Higgins, who is the National Sales Manager of the brand.

MEG: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me about Blackwood. We at Halifax Humane Society have exclusively sold the line for over 8 years, but would like for you to tell our clients what is so special about Blackwood? What sets it apart from the competition?

Lee: Blackwood is special because we do two things exceptionally well. Small Batches and Slow Cooking. Small batches to ensure quality and the slow cooking to ensure nutrients and minerals stay in the food, along with cooking out the starch with is bad for the dog’s digestion. It also makes the food more palatable.

MEG: How long has this line been around? Some of my customers say that they have never heard of it?

Lee: We started making Blackwood in 1994 for a customer then we purchased it in 2010 as our house brand. It started as a regional food in South Carolina, then progressed from there. We are now all over the USA and in multiple countries.

MEG: My pet has allergies, is there a product line for them?

Lee: Blackwood has 2 lines for allergies. Our grain free diets for the fur babies with grain allergies and we also have a full line of sensitive skin and sensitive stomach lines too. These are extremely popular and have been around for years and shown to be proven reliable for dogs with these issues.

MEG: Has the product had any recalls? Where is it made? What standards for quality does it adhere to?

Lee: We are going on 42 years of manufacturing with no recall. We are based in Lisbon, Ohio and we have an in-house lab. All products are additionally sent out for 3rd party testing as well. We also test ALL raw ingredients and test multiple points of the cooking process. Both of our plants are EU certified for quality and safety.

MEG: That is amazing and will put pet parents like myself at ease with the knowledge that buy purchasing Blackwood, you are getting one of the best and safest foods on the market! I find that with such a high-quality food such as this, I am feeding less as there are no fillers and junk—my pet is fuller longer and has less waste. I really appreciate your time, Lee and thank you for chatting with me today!

Lee: No problem, Meg. Happy to help and we are glad to partner with the Halifax Humane Society! Let folks know to follow us on Facebook!

One thing that I found to be outstanding about Blackwood, aside from the quality, is that Lee personally came out and trained our staff about the product! I think this is so important for our customers to know that they can shop with confidence with us for their pet—we aren’t salespeople, we are pet product consultants and know what we are talking about and want the very best for your pet as if it were our own! This is the first in a series of vendor and product spotlights—our goal is to highlight the extreme consideration and care that goes into every line that we sell to ensure that you are living your best and most enriched life with your pet!

Blackwood Premium Pet food is sold at the main campus on LPGA and at our thrift store at 333 West Granada Blvd, Ormond Beach. You can also learn more by visiting their website at: http://www.blackwoodpetfood.com or on their Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/BlackwoodPetFood.

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