• Miguel Abi-hassan

Open Admission Remains Our Mission

Updated: Apr 21

The pages of this magazine serve to celebrate humanity, and the important role that an “Open-Admission” shelter plays in our community. After the success of our “Reimagining the Future of our Community’s Animals” campaign and the grand opening of our newly renovated campus, much has improved in the “bones of our facility”. But the heart of our mission has never wavered; Halifax Humane Society never refuses care to an animal in need.

In the months following our renovation, our programs have expanded in size and impact serving more animals and people in our community than ever before. Independently we have crafted these specific programs to our region, to serve in good times and bad. Whether it’s the professionals behind our Culler Boarding and Grooming Center or volunteer based Storm Troopers activated during a hurricane, Halifax Humane Society stands ready to respond when needed. Many examples of this commitment follow in the pages ahead.

Emergencies and real life issues do not discriminate by age, background or looks. We believe that an organization with “Humane” in its titles shouldn’t either. Accepting every animal that comes to our door without prejudice means we specialize in the tough cases, and we need your help! As Halifax Humane Society enters a new era with its recently renovated campus and added services, we invite you to celebrate one of the few remaining open-admission animal welfare organizations in Florida. You can help us in this mission by volunteering, taking advantage of our many services, becoming a donor or choosing us as your first stop for pet retail. Most importantly, help us spread our values we know you share by reminding others of the importance of Spaying & Neutering and to “Adopt, not Shop”.

Our work is far from over, but with a new facility and our constantly growing array of programs we are better equipped to serve those that need us.

Come help us lend a hand to the paws in need,

Miguel Abi-hassan CEO

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