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Message from the CEO

Updated: Feb 12

If there was a silver lining to the overwhelming losses we have suffered during this pandemic, it can be found in Animal Shelters. Across the Country, and certainly here at HHS, shelters are waking up each day to continuously plummeting intake numbers. Though it is too early to tell why our calls for pet surrenders would be at an all-time low, one could presume it’s because people are finding alternatives to social norms with their pets. Adoptions nationwide continue to hold steady, owners are keeping pets longer and previously uninterested families are turning to shelters to find companionship.

To those of us who fondly recall every pet we have had, and await anxiously at any opportunity to proudly showcase pictures of our current ones, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Pets have a long held history of supporting humans in times of difficulty. From Egyptian times when cats protected grains, pyramids and were reveled as deities; to modern day pet-assisted-therapy, domestic (and some non-domestic!) animals have been there when we need them.

Sandy Paws is dedicated to a few of the individuals who make it their life’s work to repay that debt of gratitude to animals by making the world a better place for them. We showcase “Zibber”, an HHS alumni who found his natural prey drive was a perfect fit for agility. We also celebrate Debbie Darino who has become a regional champion for animal cruelty prevention by improving Anti-cruelty laws. Pat Mozden, our very own enrichment team coordinator also shares how her life-time of professional animal behavior experience has been applied to help dogs thrive in a shelter setting.

Though intake is temporarily down at HHS, our work strengthening the human-animal bond continues. With events and much of our fundraising on hiatus we count on your support to help strengthen our other 30+ programs that insure those who cannot speak for themselves have a voice.

Stay safe and embrace your humanity.

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