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Key Trends in Pet Retail for 2020

Updated: Feb 12

If you are like me, you are very conscious of the type of products that you give your pets to play, eat or supplement their overall well-being. I recently attended the Global Pet Expo in Orlando in February and I was very pleased to learn that several of our new products were considered top in their categories.

A major trend for 2020 are items that are natural and environmentally sound. We carry several that fall under this metric like our entire Pet Caress Grooming line and Nature Repel Bug Spray. Pet Caress is the exclusive product line of our Boarding and Grooming facility. Their lines are natural and correctly Ph Balanced for your pet—a pet’s skin is more alkaline, and most mass-market pet shampoos that you find at many retailers fall into the more acidic range. This can cause a lot of issues with your pet’s skin. The range has something for almost every pet care need—including a shed control and itch control lines. The Nature Repel is a new item that was brought in last year that utilizes natural ingredients like citrus to help repel bugs from both human and pet. (I’ve tried it! It is amazing!)

A second major trend in 2020 is the use of Ancient Grains in pet food. Ancient grains refer to any grain that has not been substantially altered in the last 100 years or more. These grains (like millet, oats, spelt, etc.) are less likely to have chemicals or have been genetically modified. Our Blackwood Premium Pet food line is a great example of a quality food with such ingredients. Blackwood also contains pre- and pro-biotics that help aid your pet’s digestion. A pet’s health really starts in their gut, so it is very important that you choose quality ingredients when selecting their food and treats. The line can be used at all life stages, meaning that you will never have to change your pet’s food! As needs change over time, they offer sensitive skin and stomach lines as well as lean and senior diets.

A third major trend to watch for in 2020 are Hemp and CBD products. After much consideration and research, we decided to start carrying Holistic Hound Hemp and Mushroom wellness treats.

Hemp and mushroom products are known to promote emotional stability, support immune system function, support a healthy inflammatory response and helps maintain a healthy intestinal tract. They were not only rated the number one product in their category, they are also organically sourced. They are independently verified by third party labs that vouch for ingredient quality and content and are also a member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), which ensures that the company adheres to the strictest of quality guidelines.

We hope that you stop by our new retail facility at the main campus to learn more about these amazing products and try some with your furry family member today!

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