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Happy Tails for Oskar and Sunshine

Oskar was brought into HHS by animal control. He was severely underweight and was suffering from an infection. Vet services administered several prescriptions to combat the infection, but Oskar was not responding.

It was decided that Oskar needed a blood transfusion to get him back on track to a healthy life. Below is an image of Oskar when he was first brought in and weighed less than 35 lbs. The second image is of Oskar going to his new forever home on adoption day. Vet services helps hundreds of animals every month that are abandoned by someone who can no longer care for their pets. Don’t turn your pet loose on the streets to fend for themselves.

Bring them to HHS and we will do our best to get them well and adopted.

Long time supporter Caroline R. had been looking for a Golden Retriever since the passing of their Golden over two years ago. Here is a note she sent to us after finally adopting her new best friend.

“She is a perfect precious animal for my son, and for all of us! We love her so much! We’re so excited so thankful and most thankful to you, for your dedication in following through on your word! 

My son, Jesse, said yesterday ‘my dog is finally home!’ You will never know how much you have really blessed Jesse, and our family.”

Helping people and animals find each other is what we happily do everyday at HHS.

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