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Meet Lizzie

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

An Interview with a Chihuahua

Lizzie is a 2.8 pound 11-year old Chihuahua with a myriad of health challenges was brought into the shelter. She was found along a road in Ormond Beach barely alive. The shelter cared for Lizzie the best they could but did not have the extraordinary resources to appropriately treat her numerous issues. She was saved by her adopter, Kristine with a medical waiver so she would be given a second chance. Kristine named her Lizzie. Here is her story in her words.

HHS- Tell us about your adoption experience.

Lizzie- I was abandoned by my owners and I was not doing well in the shelter environment. Some may wonder why my new mom decided to save such a 'hot mess' with care needs that would be time-intensive and cost-extensive. She tells me she had no choice. God and the universe put her in the right place at the right time to give me, her special girl a chance.

For the first few days when I was at the shelter, I wasn’t sure I was going to survive. I was so emaciated with my spine, hips and ribs protruding and clearly visible. My right eye had an ulcer that ruptured. The few teeth I had left were rotten and hurt me so much. I had wished someone would just pull them out to stop the pain. I had two mammary tumors and an ear infection and parasites! I was a mess!

HHS- How did your new mom help you get well?

Lizzie- She fed me small meals several times a day to gradually put on weight. I couldn’t have any surgeries or vaccinations until my body was strong enough to withstand procedures. Mom took me to the vet and he recommended that my teeth be extracted because I had an infection that was spreading throughout my body. I had 14 teeth left when Mom and I left the shelter that fateful day. They were so rotten that ALL were removed. Oh my goodness! Sockets had to be flushed due to infection and pus. Now my little tongue hangs out, but no worries, soft food is okay with me. The vet also recommended a mammary tumor removal so my mammary tumors were also removed and sent out for lab test. The vet does not suspect cancer but wanted to be certain.

Dr. Brown, an animal eye specialist in Jacksonville, had prescribed three prescription eye drops/meds four times a day. He was hoping to heal the eye so it wouldn’t need to be removed, but as it turned out, my eye needed to be removed due to the ulcer that was putting pressure on my eye. I couldn’t see out of this eye, so I didn’t mind losing it. Once the eye was gone so was the pain. All this veterinary care was very expensive! I’m so lucky to have such a caring momma now. The good news is that I am heart worm negative, have a healthy heart and I am a grateful little girl. I want to live and to be loved. I press my body close to moms for comfort and reassurance when I’m feeling lonely. She is the best mom ever!

HHS- And how are you doing now?

Lizzie- Mom was amazed at how quickly I bounced back. No more pain and I am perky as can be! I can see just fine with my remaining eye. I am feeling great and my cute personality is emerging. Notice my tongue? No teeth left to hold it in. Mom calls me her million-dollar baby. Well not quite, but $3,000+ which is a million dollars in dog years. Mom says I am worth it many times over. I love my new home and my new mom! Please don’t ignore the older and sickly dogs at the shelter. We can be your best friend ever if you give us a chance.

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