• Barry KuKes

April - Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

It is sad that there needs to be a designated month to prevent cruelty to animals. What’s worse is that society believes that people who are usually cruel to animals stop in April just because it is the designated month. Shouldn’t every month, every day, and every second of every hour be dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals?

I do not see every animal that enters our facility at Halifax Humane Society, but I do see quite a few abused and abandoned animals. I adopted one of those dogs and named him Bentley. He is a Golden Retriever and was covered with sores and only weighed 40 lbs. when I adopted him. He now weighs 82 lbs. and is a wonderful and very well-trained dog. I can’t imagine why someone would have chained him to a stake in the ground and left him there to die.

Sometimes cruelty is the result of ignorance. Sometimes it is the result of finances. Yet, at times it is the result of pure evil. Some people intentionally abuse animals and take pleasure in doing so. There is no reason for animal cruelty. If a person has lost their income and can no longer afford their pet, they can surrender the animal to HHS or a rescue, and we will find the animal a new forever home. Taking an animal to a forest preserve or a shopping center and letting it go is also cruel. The animal could be hit by a vehicle, attacked by wildlife, or starve to death. Many people let pets go to avoid the guilt they feel when they have an animal put down. Sometimes they cannot afford the cost to have a pet euthanized. Sometimes they don’t realize there are other options. Many pets are brought to HHS with the owner authorizing euthanasia if needed, and in many of these cases, the animal does not need to be euthanized. Our vet services team treats the animal, and in a couple of weeks, the animal once again transforms into a loving pet for some loving family.

Don’t wait until April each year to prevent animal cruelty. If you don’t like animals, then leave them alone. If you do like animals, then do all you can to prevent any suffering to animals. Lastly, adopt, don’t shop, and allow an animal to love and to be loved once again.

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