• Zoe Beriss

Animal Transports & Off-site Locations

Updated: Apr 20

An essential but often overlooked part of animal welfare involves a simple concept: transport. Between staff and volunteer assistance, ensuring that we have efficient transport helps our shelter care for animals in need, send animals to their forever home, and much more. Not only do we frequently bring in animals from outside shelters and rescues that need assistance, but we also partner with local pet stores and other organizations to help promote our animals into their perfect forever homes. The transports involve both staff and volunteers alike, so keep reading to find out how you might be able to help!

Our most frequent transport involves shelter cats that we send to our offsite locations, namely our local PetSmart and Pet Supermarket stores. At least twice a week, cats are sent to each of the locations to promote them and help get them to their new home as quickly as possible. We have a total of 22 kennels at these offsite pet stores, which means we can open up more space at the shelter and take in other cats in need. We’ve found that the average length of stay for these cats is only eight days, which means most find their forever home roughly a week after arriving! In addition to transport help, we utilize volunteers to care for many of these cats. Both PetSmart location cats are thoroughly cared for by a hardworking group of dedicated volunteers. These folks go to care for the cats at least twice a day to feed them, clean their litter, and of course, give them plenty of love and socialization! Our volunteers are instrumental in both keeping these cats well-cared for and helping them get ready for their new homes.

While less frequent, our longer transports are just as important. We regularly arrange to have volunteers and HHS staff transport dogs from outside shelters to our facility to help with overcrowding and other issues. We have transported animals from shelters as far as Gainesville and the Jacksonville area and even some dogs that came to our shelter for life-saving treatment. We could not do this work without our staff’s dedication, transport volunteers, and foster volunteers that help, give these animals the care they need until they are ready for adoption. If you’re interested in helping out with transports, animal care volunteering, or simply want to learn how else you can help out, please contact our Volunteer Manager at either volunteermanager@halifaxhumanesociety.org, or (386) 274-4703 ext. 319.

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